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I'm Sabbu

I’m Sabbu Maharjan from Nepal.
Omnivert kind of person, can be talkative
and after 5 minutes poof silence!
Workholic & sensitive.
Love to explore, eat and cook.

Things that describes me...


panda eating burger

Belonging to Newar Family, I prefer spicy over sweet. I've always enjoyed discovering new cuisine.
My Food Insta Page: fud.tvl

Mandala Newbie Artist

mandala sketc of a dance posture

A new hobby, built during covid pandemic.
This has built yo my patience and improved my attention to detail.

A Dancer

woman dancing

Not a professional dancer but dancing makes me feel happy. And i love watching people dance, and watching differnet forms of dance.


me thinking

I have described myself as one.
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Questions & Answers

What do i do in my Spare Time?

Get Comfortable and watch movies.

Books or Movies?

Used to be Books but too lazy nowadays so MOVIES.

My Quick Go to Plan!

Let’s grab some food and got to the park.

Favourite Drink?

Water. (Oops!)