I have been searching for the ideal wall decor because I adore interior design. Paintings and photos are not the only types of wall decorations. Additionally, we can use wall decals, tapestries, and wallpaper to give your home decor some flair. This golden leaf that I discovered is now one of my favourite works of art. It holds a unique significance for me since it makes me go back to my early years, when I used to play in the nearby forest. It has the look of a tropical palm leaf and is made of light steel that has been superbly oxidised by gold.

Beautifully strung on a jute rope, it art adds colour, texture, and interest to the living room while also serving as wall decor, which may be a significant interior design component. I try to be creative in my selection of wall decor and I am extremely selective about what I hang on my walls. Many individuals are constantly looking for ways to incorporate nature into their spaces. Here is when wall decor might be useful. The golden leaf not only adds a sense of nature, but it also improves the aesthetics and design of the space.

The artwork is made of high-quality steel and designed by ARTEPERA. The design was created using a combination of modern and traditional techniques, which gives it a unique look that will make any room pop. Additionally, it has a thickness of about 1 inch, which gives it more depth and dimension and allows the light to create lovely shadows.